Prices and Quantities

phyproof® Reference Substances are – unless prepacked – available in every desired quantity and pack size. Please pay attention to the minimum order quantity as defined for each reference substance. If a reference substance has been prepacked, then this information is mentioned on the detailed product page.

For all phyproof® Reference Substances the exact weight with two decimals is given on the inner label of each vial. This enables the preparation of stock solutions with a defined concentration without losing any valuable material and without the need to weigh the reference substances again, in case that a high-precision balance is not available.

All base prices are shown in € per mg. Minimum quantity rules as outlined above do apply. The following discounts are automatically considered in the ordering process.

If the minimum quantity for any substance is above the first discount step then the displayed base price per mg has already been discounted and no additional discounts apply. All discounts are calculated with reference to the individual unit size and are not based on the total quantity of any reference substance ordered. All prices are net and ex works (shipping costs not included). All prices are subject to change without notice. Errors and omissions excepted.