Quality and Advantages

Our phyproof® Reference Substances are mostly certified as primary reference substances as defined by the European Pharmacopoeia, United States Pharmacopoeia, and other international institutions. Their identity is confirmed by a combination of advanced analytical techniques such as NMR, MS and IR. In addition, our reference substances feature a defined absolute content value that is based on a mass balance approach considering chromatographic purity as well as content of water, residual-solvents and inorganic impurities. Counter-ions are also taken into account where appropriate.

phyproof® Reference Substances that are available in smaller quantities only are identified in the same comprehensive way as our primary reference substances, and their purity is analyzed by chromatographic methods. For detailed information on the degree of certification please refer to the individual product where also exemplary certificates of analysis are available for review.

For all phyproof® Reference Substances the exact weight with two decimals is given on the inner label of each vial. This enables the preparation of stock solutions with a defined concentration without losing any valuable material and without the need to weigh the reference substances again, in case that a high-precision balance is not available.

We offer custom packaging on a routine basis. Nearly all our phyproof® Reference Substances can be packed according to your specifications. Custom packs containing exactly the quantity that you require for your analytical needs is our specialty. Take advantage of our individual service and maximum possible flexibility at zero extra charge.